Nokia Lumia 610 Price in India, Nokia Lumia 610 Features at a glance

Nokia Lumia 610 Price in India

Nokia Lumia 610 price in India will be just above Rs. 10,000 only. Nokia Lumia 610 price in India is going to be highly suitable for people wHo wish to own affordable smartphone with best features. Nokia Lumia 610 is specifically designed to appeal to the masses with a huge number of specifications and characteristics and a cheap price. It achieves to combine both excellently and thus it will become a high contender in the phone industry.

Nokia Lumia 610 is a refined and particularly good-looking mobile phone. Its exterior is made up of glossy plastic which gives it an air of posh styling rather than cheapness; It is available in four colours: Black, White, Fuchsia and Blue but the range of colours will become wider later on. The metallic edges and curvy body lines make it look more sophisticated and more compact too.

Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone is lightweight and thin so as to be very finger friendly and to fit perfectly in your hands. This way you can type on it without any trouble or fuss.

Nokia Lumia 610 features WQVGA display of 3.7 inches LCD touch screen with resolution of 800x480 pixels. The output is quite impressive and it delivers all types of images and displaying sufficiently. This handset is powered by a Qualcomm processor of 800 MHz and has a RAM memory of 256MB. This processor is very good and it allows you to multitask on it easily without any fuss.

Nokia Lumia 610 features internal memory of 8GB and it is enough to store all your audio and video files, your documents and your photos on it. In addition, you can enjoy all your social media applications from your handset.

Nokia Lumia 610 price is low but has all important features. Nokia Lumia 610 is not only a very impressively-looking mobile phone but it is also full of excellent and impressive characteristics which will take you by surprise. It looks trendy and it has caused hype by combining a good price tag with a load of features.

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