BSNL Tablet Price in India and its competitors in market

BSNL Tablet Price in India

When it comes to affordable products and services, BSNL has always proved itself competitive in the market. BSNL Tablet price in India at Rs. 3,250 is latest gadget which has proved this. This is despite the fact that this tablet has all the features and specification which are seen in high end tablet only. Hence despite offering at low price, BSNL Tablet is well suitable for all type of customers and their usage profile.

BSNL Tablet price has been low even though it is not receiving any subsidy from the government. Recently government has announced Aakash tablet which are targeted for student and available at very affordable price. However partly the cost of Aakash tab is born by the Indian government which is not the case in BSNL Tablet. Hence it is evident that high level of efficiency has gone in design and pricing of this table to keep it at very low level.

Features of BSNL Tablet are mainly meant to make it best tab for students and professionals. It comes with multiple apps which provide informative content which students can study for their classes. Also it has solutions for different problems in the course which students can use in their subject and hence built their knowledge of the subject. These solutions are easy, simple and also well documented to give better experience for students.

BSNL Tablet price and features truly proves this is best value for money tablet in the market. It has FM radio with song recording options. Also users can set more than one station which will allow professionals to listen to different stations even when they are moving between different cities. Also with song recording option, you can record your favorite track in case you are not able to listen while it is being aired or want to listen it again. Also it comes with audio jack of 3.5mm size which provides excellent quality sound to all the tracks.

BSNL Tablet specifications include light weight of just 900 gms and sleek design. This makes it highly portable even with in the city in daily routine and also between cities when you are on official tour. This specification makes it very attractive for professionals. Also it has long battery life compared to its competitors and hence you can run it for longer time while making preparing long documents and making long presentation in your official assignments. This is also very helpful for people who stay in areas where regular supply of electricity is a major prob.

BSNL Tablet price in India 2012 can be easily compared with the price of Aakash 2 tablet and also Penta tabs which are also targeted at students. We can expect more players to come out with low cost tablets for this segment in coming time at affordable price. Being available at low price, such tablets are highly popular among the young professionals also. However for people who are music or gaming freak, they are slightly disappointed as these tabs can not give top quality performance for high end applications.

BSNL Tablet is 3G enabled which will ensure all its users can enjoy unlimited fun of fast access to internet as well as faster download of data. This again will save lot of precious time for users as well as add to improved productivity.


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