Mercury mTAB magiQ price in India

Mercury mTAB magiQ Price

With the launch of Mercury mTAB magiQ in Indian market, consumers can try out more now in terms of choices for mid level tablets. Mercury mTAB magiQ price has been set at Rs. 12,700 which can be considered average in Indian conditions. Mercury mTAB magiQ price can be considered suitable for college students and young professionals. Mercury mTAB magiQ features brilliant TFT 5 inch screen along with 4 GB of internal memory and 12MP primary camera.

Mercury mTAB magiQ price when compared with other tablets with similar features like screen size, it would look unjustified. However if you see its primary camera and battery capacity, Mercury mTAB magiQ stands out far better than its competitors which is also a reason for high price.

Mercury mTAB magiQ features 12MP primary camera along with VGA 0.3MP camera. This is rare to see in a tablet as most of them either comes with only VGA camera or with very low power primary camera like 2MP. This will make this tablet highly popular among users who were unsatisfied with low quality cameras so far.

Mercury mTAB magiQ features 2200 mAh battery which offers talk time of 15 hours. Again this is far better than most other similar tablets as their battery last for 4-8 hours normally. This shall make this tablet popular among students and professionals who are from low electricity areas or who travel widely and cant recharge very frequently.

Mercury mTAB magiQ price can be easily compared with Mercury mTab Rio Price , Mercury mTab Neo2 Price


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