Micromax A84 Superfone Elite price in India, Micromax A84 Superfone Elite features highly powerful 1630mAh battery

Micromax A84 Superfone Elite price in India

Nowadays, the market is taken over by a new line of products that achieves in combining great characteristics of the latest generation with excellent pricing. Micromax A84 price in India is low and in fact it is amongst the cheapest that you will find bearing all these exceptional features.

Micromax A84 Superfone Elite price in India is at Rs. 9999. This price tag is not forbidding; to be honest it is quite the opposite. It is cheap yet practical and versatile too. It is available only in black and its design is such so as to be an excellent and refined accessory that you can have with you wherever you might go. Not only it is sleek and breathtaking but it is also lightweight.

Micromax A84 Superfone Elite features a standard battery of the Li-Ion type that runs at 1630 mAh. This makes it a rather independent mobile phone that delivers up to 5 hours of talk time and 150 hours of stand-by time. This is true independency that when taken into consideration with its light body it constitutes it a handset that can be carried around with you without worrying about charging it.

Micromax A84 Superfone Elite specifications are plenty and they will take you by surprise. The handset comes to you sporting a very user-friendly design that is enhanced by the glossy and posh surface of it. It is lustrous and the lines are curvy so as to allow it to fit comfortable in the user’s hand.

Micromax A84 Superfone Elite price in India is inexpensive. Being released at Rs. 9999, it will capture your heart and it will make your life easier. The handset’s dimensions are phenomenal as they come at 125x65x10.6mm and they make it a rather petit smartphone. Its rear surface is matte and contradicts the glossy front enabling the user to have a firmer and safer grip on the handset.

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