Micromax A89 Ninja price in India, Micromax A89 Ninja Features Bluetooth for connectivity

Micromax A89 Ninja price in India

Micromax A89 Ninja price in India is a surprising Rs. 5,899 which is extremely low all things considered. Micromax A89 Ninja price in India will probably cause a few double takes by customers expecting a higher price for a new smartphone.  The official price of this new smartphone at the time of launch was much higher.

Micromax A89 Ninja price in India therefore is a very good deal and should be checked out right away! But it is clear right from the onset that this smartphone comes with great features. Micromax A89 Ninja has the latest Internet connection options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy and fast access to the web. Other cool features are the Android 4.0 ICs for one of the top operating systems in the world.

Micromax A89 Ninja specifications include a 1 Ghz processor and 2. 07 GB of internal memory. In addition there is a 1, 450 mAh battery and 512 of RAM on this phone. Micromax A89 Ninja features quite a nice screen of 10.1cm with a 480x800 pixel resolution. Micromax A89 Ninja has a camera option as well with a 3 MP primary camera.

Micromax A89 Ninja price in India (like Micromax Tablet price) will target the lower end of the market where customers will be pleased to learn of its arrival. This entry level smartphone offers some very smart features for a top quality smartphone experience. Micromax A89 Ninja also looks good, with a modern sleek design in a shiny black model.

Micromax A89 Ninja offers exceptional good value for money at a time when this is hard to come by. Consumers are bound to recognise this offer for what it is: a terrific opportunity to purchase a smartphone at a fraction of normal prices. Micromax A89 Ninja can be expected to fly off the shelves and is sure to be a winner online as well.


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