Nokia 105 price in India, Nokia 105 Features 1.45 inch high quality screen

Nokia 105 price in India

Nokia 105 price in India is so tempting for you can only spend Rs. 1,065 to own a brand new unit. At this level, Nokia 105 price in India is low and the smartphone is very user friendly that even the first time phone users can easily use it and can communicate with the important people in their lives with just a touch using its traditional keyboard.

Nokia 105 is a cute, low budget phone and by launching it this year, the Nokia Company will might be considered again as the leader of small phones market in the cellular Industry. This new released Nokia 105 is a power saver phone due to the fact that in time when most people struggle to get through a day without having to recharge their smartphones, with Nokia 105 you can charge it just once a month. That is the coolest thing I’ve heard about a particular phone’s battery life!

Nokia 105 features played users to a splash and a dust proof traditional keypad, which you can also choose a cyan or black colored casing just the way you like it. Nokia 105 comes with a small but a high colored 1.45” screen display and then you can enjoy the native built-in games installed in it. With a talktime of 12.5 hours and a standy time of 35 hours, well in that case you can call your relatives and close friends with no worries!

Nokia 105 price (slightly better than Nokia 301 price) will also attract Customers who have low budgets and want to choose strength and durable handy phones. By launching this Nokia 105, its Company is hoping to attract more and more customers so that they can survive in the cellular Industry. Nokia 105 is a threat to its competitors due to its high quality specifications and unique modern style. Unlike other cheaper smartphones, Nokia 105 guarantees a 99% of satisfaction and will meet all your needs when it comes to communication.

Nokia 105 price in India make it the most affordable device till date according to its Company. Though you can’t use it in web browsing and has no built-in camera to capture unforgettable moments but in that way, every user will realized the true meaning of a mobile phone and that is to communicate by means of sending SMS and calling the most important person in your life. So if I were you, I will save my weekly allowance or weekly salary to buy the coolest cellular phone in town before it’s too late.


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