Nokia 301 price in India, Nokia 301 Features 3.5G network capability

Nokia 301 price in India

The low cost smartphone Nokia 301 price in India is around about Rs. 3,000-3,200 but you may be able to find it cheaper in some place. You will appreciate this phone coming from such a well known manufacturer and it’s powered by their s40 series operating system.

Nokia 301 price in India (compare with Nokia 105 cost) is meant to appeal to lower budget phones since they make up most of Nokia’s market, this allows people to buy a product that is both practical and very economical, especially if people aren’t looking for a hand held computer.

Nokia 301 specification has a 2.4 inch screen which supports RGB stripe and brightness control; unfortunately it isn’t a touch screen device. Nokia 301 has a decent camera installed which has 3.2 mega pixels for quality photos, as well as lots of tools for editing your pictures such as 100 degree panoramic viewing which allows you to take several shots and piece them together. Nokia 301 can also record and stream videos with ease and lets you share them easily with the Slam feature.

Nokia 301 price in India means it is an entry level phone and Nokia has been making quite a lot of these types of phone, mainly for those who just want a phone for basic tasks. Nokia 301 runs on 3.5G which is equivalent to HSPA, meaning high speed data connectivity, but one downside is that it doesn’t support WLAN. Even without wireless you will still be able to connect to your favorite websites without any fuss, even when streaming videos from Youtube or on social networking sites.

Nokia 301 features are very minimalistic except for the camera, which has lots of editing facilities and is quite similar to an Android device in that respect. Nokia 301 doesn’t have dual SIM but it does have both 2G and 3G which helps conserve battery length. The former can last for up to 20 hours with talk time and the latter up to 6 hours, and both types have almost have about 900 hours of standby time.


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