Nokia Lumia 620 price in India, Nokia Lumia 620 Features 5MP cinemagraph camera

Nokia Lumia 620 price in India

Nokia Lumia 620 price in India is around RS15199 and it one of the more expensive priced models. You know you are buying quality if you choose to purchase this handset. Nokia Lumia 620 price in India means you are buying from a world class company who has been making phones since the beginning, with years of expertise. Nokia Lumia 620 is a very efficient and unique smart phone, capable of managing almost any task you require of it, including your online affairs.

Nokia Lumia 620 features include a 5MP cinemagraph camera, which is unique to this phone and allows you to take photos and then you can animate them as you wish. Nokia Lumia 620 also has something called Smart Shoot which will takes several photos for you, so you can then choose the best one out of the group with great ease. Nokia Lumia 620 can also recognize cities around you when you take a photo of them. It will then give you relevant information about restaurants, hotels and more.

Nokia Lumia 620 price in India may as expensive but that’s because this device is such a great piece of machinery; even for the camera alone it is an exceptional item. Nokia Lumia 620 can be used to synchronize all your important Microsoft and Google files like Outlook, Excel, Word and even Powerpoint at your fingertips.
Nokia Lumia 620 has introduced a whole no concept of smart phone allowing easy transfer of valuable information from your computer to you phone and it’s very easy.

Nokia Lumia 620 review is that you will have a lot of fun with this phone, it will even let you stream music for free (data charges may apply) without the need for Youtube. Nokia Lumia 620 comes with a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor so it is able to handle every task you give it with incredible ease and efficiency. Lumia 620 switches between 2G and 3G to maximize battery life, with 2G you can get up to 14.6 hours talk time and even up to 330 hrs standby when on 3G.

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