Swipe Halo Value price in India, Swipe Halo Value Features 7 inch LCD screen

Swipe Halo Value price in India

Powered with quality screen, Swipe Halo Value price in India is a modest RS6990 and this should make it readily available to most people. The phone is packed with useful features pre-installed and Swipe Halo Value is a very classy device. The amazing feeling combined with the Swipe Halo Value price in India makes it a very worthy buy. It has a massive 7 inch LCD screen and plays in high definition; very useful for video calling with Skype.

Swipe Halo Value price in India is affordable and  features are pretty amazing, they include a 2MP main camera and a 0.3MP secondary (for video calls), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a huge 4GB memory. Swipe Halo Value allows you to record videos as well as take photos in HD and has the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system, plus face recognition security feature. Swipe Halo Value also allows you to download almost anything from the Google Play store, so even if you don’t have a game or app you can just download it.

Swipe Halo Value specification runs using a powerful 1.5GHz processor and combined with the 512MB RAM the phone works at incredible speeds. Also, Swipe Halo Value can have up to 32GB of expandable memory added to it, so you will always have room to store important data, photos and videos, in fact, you will be able to store several thousands songs, texts and videos without any hassle. Also,  Swipe Halo Value has been built to run with great speed and efficiency. You can easily use it for email or browsing the web no matter where you are with its GPRS or Wi-Fi facility.

Swipe Halo Value price in India is quite reasonable and this phone can be used for almost all practical reasons. There are plenty lots of useful functions you can perform with this device and it will never let you down. The powerful processor, RAM and operating system allow you to do many tasks concurrently with no problems. Swipe Halo Value is good for social networking and keeping up to date with important information. One downside is that it doesn’t have GPS installed.


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