Jiayu G4 price in India, Jiayu G4 Features 1GB RAM for high performance

Jiayu G4 Price

The chinese mobile company Jiayu is all set to launch Jiayu G4 at very affordable price in Indian market. Jiayu G4 price in India has been set at Rs. 9,000 which is also the best price for this smartphone. Jiayu G4 price will be best at online buying as its retail price may come slightly costlier. Jiayu G4 price and features like Android 4.2 OS and 1GB RAM will make this smartphone for high end professional users.

Jiayu G4 price has not been revealed yet officially but based on the official information on specifications and features, one should not expect this smartphone to be availble at low price range. The smartphone comes with android 4.2 OS which is latest in the market and only very selected smartphone in top price range can claim to poses. With this OS, users can expect best level of compatibility with latest Android apps. Also Jiayu G4 with this will perform exceedingly high for sensors and hence unique experience in playing games.

Jiayu G4 features 1GB of RAM which is simply match for any high end smartphone in Indian market. With this users can be sure of top end speed while playing mobile games, streaming long duration videos etc. Jiayu G4 with this performance level is surely to become attractive to young category of users. The smartphone also has 1.2GHz processor which in combination with 1GHB RAM, will outperform most of the smartphones in Indian market.

Jiayu G4 price can be said to be in mid range but surely has features in high end range. This will make this smartphone sure buy for students and entry level professionals. Jiayu G4 price may come further once it is listed on oline stores and hence will become more and more affordable.


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