Intex Aqua I5 Price in India, Intex Aqua I5 Features 126K color screen

Intex Aqua I5 Price

The past few years there has been a constant rising in the number of impressive products released by Indian manufacturers and Intex Aqua I5 price in India at Rs. 10290 is one such mobile phone. Intex Aqua I5 price in India at Rs. 10290  is a fine and sophisticated mobile phone that will no doubt capture your attention. Intex Aqua I5 is a trendy-looking, highly-appealing mobile phone and gadget.

Intex Aqua I5 price in India comes at a rather expensive tag as it is calculated at Rs. 10290 and makes the handset available to a lesser demographic. The phone features a display that is measured at 5.0 inches and it is a QHD capacitive touch screen.  Intex Aqua I5 makes sure that you will enjoy the best image-viewing as the screen supports over 126 K of colors and it comes with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels.

Intex Aqua I5 review is a fascinating one and it marvels in all the sophisticated specifications the handset sports. The output is clear and crisp and the users can enjoy movies, games, videos and photos on a QHD-IPS display of the latest technology. Intex Aqua I5 is more than a simple mobile phone it is in fact a useful gadget of the most up-to-date line of products.

Intex Aqua I5 features a big and wide screen on which the user can actually get to watch entire movies. The HD capacity of the display screen can actually turn your handset into a powerful movie projector and you can enjoy the best moments of cinematography wherever you are. Intex Aqua I5 is not just a dual-band mobile phone it is an exquisite device of reliability.

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