Micromax A34 price in India, Micromax A34 Features 1350 mAh battery, touch screen

Micromax A34 Price

Recently launch smartphone Micromax A34 price in India is only Rs. 3,799 which is after good discount from its original price if you wish to buy from online stores. Micromax A34 price at the time was close to Rs. 4,200 only. Micromax A34 features include high quality 10.3 inch screen with 320x480 pixel resolution, Bluetooth for connectivity and 1350 mAh battery (Micromax price in India).

Micromax A34 price is meant to target entry level users in India who are looking for wide screen with quality features so as to achieve better user experience. The smartphone comes with 10.3 inch screen which is good for playing games, watching images and videos in a much better view. Micromax A34 screen also comes with touch quality which will ensure smooth navigation across menu items on screen and hence a better productivity for its users.

Micromax A34 features also include Bluetooth for connectivity which users can use for sharing files with compatible devices. They can share images, video and contacts with smartphone and tablet etc. Micromax A34 in this way will also become suitable for young consumers and also professional users who need lot of document sharing with others. However with the version of Bluetooth provided with this smartphone is just v2.1 which is quite older one and hence it will not be as fast as latest versions like v4.0 are.

Micromax A34 price in India with these features and specifications looks quite attractive especially for young consumers in Indian market. It also comes with Li-Ion polymer battery of 1350 mAh which is not so promising when it comes to support it can offer in terms of talk time and also stand by time. Micromax A34 battery gives talk time support for just 4 hours which is not so appreciated when latest low cost smartphone are coming with 7-8 hours support. In this way, Micromax A34 is suitable for users who need average level battery only and ready to recharge almost on daily basis or on alternate days at best.


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