Xolo Q1100 Price in India, Xolo Q1100 features Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS

Xolo Q1100 Price

In recent times, Xolo smartphone have been able to make good succeess in India market due to high quality features and  reasonable price level. The company has now launched Xolo Q1100 which is meant for mid level users in India. Xolo Q1100 price has been set at Rs. 14,999 which is well justified for the quality of its features. Xolo Q1100 price in India is come down significantly once it is listed at some of the popular online shopping portals.

Xolo Q1100 features on certain aspects are simply the best in the market which users will enjoy using also. The smartphone has been powered with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS which has not been seen before in any other smartphone in Indian market. Xolo Q1100 also comes with 1.4GHz Quad core processor which is also one of the best when it comes to processing capability. In this way, this smartphone is going to be quite attractive to users who need top quality features.

Xolo Q1100 price is well comparable with similar smartphone from the company and also other players in the market. Also Xolo Q1100 features are quite formidable. The smartphone has been powered with 8GB of internal memory which so far had been seen only in high end smartphone. Not only users will be able to store plenty of files and documents but they can also install many apps also. Xolo Q1100 in this way is quite suitable for users who love to store images and videos in their handset.

Xolo Q1100 specifications has 5 inch screen which is among the most favored screen size for larger display of content like images, text and videos. The smartphone will allow its users to watch their favorite videos with much better view. Xolo Q1100 users will also be able to enjoy playing games in much better way due to large screen size and wide resolution. Also read now Xolo Q1100 review for various applications.


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