Aakash 2 price in India 2014 and Features Android 2.3 OS

Meant for entry level users, Aakash 2 is an inexpensive new gadget that has been released at the price of Rs. 2499. Aakash 2 price in India is very suitable for entry level users like students. It has captured the attention of a grand demographic as it comprises good technological characteristics with an excellent price tag. You can enjoy wonderful applications and multitask on it without being stalled and while you are on the go. Newly launched Aakash 3 price in India is slightly higher than this tab.

Aakash 2 is an advanced and upgraded version of the older Ubislate and thus it sports many impressive features. To start with it is gadget that operates on the Android platform v.2.3, Gingerbread and it is powered by a processor of 700 MHz Cortex A8. It also has a coprocessor for HD video which supports high quality video playback so that you can enjoy watching videos and movies on your tablet. Users can now also check for Aakash 4 price in India which is yet to be released officially in the market.

Aakash 2 price is low and it was originally designed to appeal to the masses of students; This was its original target group. And being such it managed to have a load of features relevant and necessary to students. It supports all versions of Office documents and you can work on them while on the move. It also supports all types of audio and video files. You can add to this its 3G connectivity features allowing connection via GPRS and Wi-Fi so that you can get the most out of the World Wide Web.

You can send, read and create emails and you can manage more than one accounts. In addition to this you can be kept posted about your friends’ lives and events via the Facebook and Twitter applications. Also in terms of pricing, Google Nexus price in India is also a good match for this tab.

Aakash 2 has a 7-inch resistive touchscreen   with a relatively good output enhanced by a resolution of 480x800 pixels. The images, photos, videos and documents all appear to be flowing over your display and you can enjoy good viewing and fast typing on it. After all, you can customize your home screen so that it would suit you best.

Some of the formidable tabs in the market are BSNL Tablet price in India and also Microsoft Tablet price in India which will give fair view of competition also.


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