Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 Price in India, Features not for camera but performance

Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 Price in India

We have been seeing for a long time the low price smartphone are meant to provide good entertainment and photography experience. Over a period of time they have improved upon this aspect gradually. However the new model Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 is specifically meant for users who want to play apps mainly on their basic model. Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 price in India is Rs. 3,199 for online buying and do not even look at its camera quality. This model will perform better than others on compatibility and also performance.
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Though the 3.5 inch screen in Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 in India can be judged as normal but in strict sense it is inferior than many current models. Some of them offer even 4-5 inch in the same price range. The 2MP rear camera and also absence of front end selfie is also something one would have to ignore if you play to buy this model. Clearly this smartphone is not at all suitable for users who want to enjoy high quality photography.

Now comes the features in Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 which makes it unique and first of them is OS version. The smartphone has been powered with Lollipop OS and hence due to this there will be high performance even from latest apps version. It has 4GB of ROM which will ensure one can install quite high level of apps as well as files in this. It has very slim design and touch screen and playing games even on the go will also be quite easy here.

Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 has 1.2GHz Quad core processor and 512MB RAM which gives much needed high performance. You can stream even videos of quite longer duration. Here also this model will outperform many others models available in the market in the less than Rs. 3,250 price range. There is quite limited options for connectivity like GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi. In terms of design wise also it has quite good appeal.

For young consumers, Micromax Bolt Supreme Q300 price in India even at the current level is quite cool.


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