Latest Xolo smartphone price in India

Xolo is becoming one of the formidable player in Indian market due to variety of smartphone launched under this brand. The price of Xolo smartphone in India varies from entry level to top end which are for high end users like professionals. In this way, the company is able to target wide segment of Indian consumers which is giving good results so far for the company.

Xolo has recently launched Q3000 smartphone which is a feature rich high end smartphone available for Indian consumers. This smartphone has been powered with some of the best quality features for camera and connectivity which makes this smartphone quite worthy of its price. Also its storage will ensure users can store files for long time with out need to delete them. Despite having such quality features, the smartphone is available at reasonable price only.

Another smartphone launched by the company is Xolo q1000 opus which is meant for entry to mid level users in India. This handset is available at price of less than Rs. 10K to Indian consumers. With in few days of its launch, the price of this smartphone has come down from its MRP which is good news for Indian consumers.


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