MTS Blaze 4.5 Price in India, MTS Blaze 4.5 with GSM+CDMA dual SIM

MTS Blaze 4.5 Price in India

There are limited models in India which has dual SIM on GSM+CDMA network and MTS Blaze 4.5 is one of them. MTS Blaze 4.5 price in India is also quite reasonable at Rs. 9999. At this level, MTS Blaze 4.5 price in India affordable to even entry level users in the market which will be a positive factor in generating good demand for this smartphone. MTS Blaze 4.5 specifications and features like 4.5 inch screen and 5MP camera which will ensure its good usability also.

MTS Blaze 4.5 features dual SIM on GSM and also on CDMA network and hence it is one of the few smartphone which is meant for CDMA class of users in the market. Since it has 3G connectivity, Indian can users can enjoy next generation of services also on this smartphone. MTS Blaze 4.5 will find limitation for users who want to enjoy dual SIM on GSM to GSM network only. Hence it is going to be highly suitable to a select category of users in India.

MTS Blaze 4.5 price is quite affordable and can be said to be in the mid range in Indian market. Coming back to features, it has been powered with 5MP primary camera which can be used for photography and video recording. MTS Blaze 4.5 can be said to be average on photography and users will find its camera quite useful also. But when it comes to top quality of images, users may like to use either smartphone with better camera or professional camera. Certainly this is not the best smartphone to capture special moments of life.

MTS Blaze 4.5 also comes with 4.5 inch screen which is again average in quality. When you look in the market, there are plenty of smartphone especially which were launched in recent times coming up with 5 inch screen. MTS Blaze 4.5 in terms of screen is comparable with smartphone which were launched 6 months back in Indian market. In this way, MTS Blaze 4.5 review will turn out to be less than satisfactory for this smartphone in Indian market.


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