Xolo Q2500 Price in India, Xolo Q2500 with high quality 6 inch screen

Xolo Q2500 Price in India

When it comes to mid price range segment, there are plenty of options for Indian consumers. Xolo Q2500 price in India which is one of the smartphone in this segment is only Rs. 14999. Xolo Q2500 price in India will get discounted in coming days when more and more shopping portals gets it listed. Xolo Q2500 features and specifications makes it an attarctive package for both personal and professional category of users in the market.

Xolo Q2500 features 6 inch screen which is for the first time to be seen on any Xolo brand model in India. The smartpohne will be highly suitable for young consumers who loves to play games with multiple characters. Xolo Q2500 will also be suitable for users for who efficiency is very important and on a smartphone of 6 inch screen, it will simply be one of the best. Also this is much in line with current trend in Indian market for larger screen smartphone.

Xolo Q2500 price is also justified with the quality of processor that has been provided with this smartphone. Normally smartphone in Indian market in mid range category comes with 1GHz Quad core or sometime only dual core processor. Xolo Q2500 has 1.3GHz Quad core processor which is not only latest in the market but also one of the most efficient. The users of this smartphone will find working with multi tasking option very easy and efficient on its screen due to the strong processor.

Xolo Q2500 specifications also has certain drawbacks also which will make unsuitable for certain category of users in India. One of them is 2MP front end camera which is primarily meant for video chatting. Since Xolo Q2500 is going to be used by young consumers, who loves to do video chat on Facebook, Skype and other 3rd party platform. It will be a slight disappoint for those users as they can get better options in the market in similar price range.


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