Celkon Campus Colors A42 Price in Inda, Features dual SIM, 5MP camera

Celkon Campus Colors A42 Price

The latest smartphone Celkon Campus Colors A42 price in India is yet to be officially announced by the company though it is already available on its site. Celkon Campus Colors A42 price based on the analysis of its features and specifications can be expected to be in the range of Rs. 4-5K. Celkon Campus Colors A42 was launched in Indian market today and it is yet to be seen on online stores in India for buying. When it comes to quality of its features, one can say its an good quality smartphone for basic applications and little bit of entertainment.

Celkon Campus Colors A42 price will make it suitable for entry level users in India who are ready to pay little extra cash for better quality applications. In the list of its features, the first thing that will catch users attention is its 3G video calling option. Celkon Campus Colors A42 with this features will be highly suitable for users who need to interact with friends and family members on video chat. Also with new chatting apps catching up with Indian consumers, 3G video calling option will find great demand.

Celkon Campus Colors A42 also comes with 4 inch screen which is not as good as 5 inch screen which users see in smartphones now a days. However still it is quite good for playing videos and games for a good level of satisfaction. Celkon Campus Colors A42 screen also comes with IPS display and hence users can expect good quality of graphics for better experience. The overall resolution of this screen provided in this smartphone is 800x480 pixels.

Celkon Campus Colors A42 price in this way is going to be quite suitable for users who want to enjoy entertainment in the go on a low cost smartphone. Other mode of entertainment provided in this smartphone is access to Google play store. Celkon Campus Colors A42 users can download latest games of their choice and can play in their free time. Another smartphone Celkon Millennium Power Q3000 has also been launched in Indian market in recent times.


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