Videocon Vstyle Flip Price in India, Features dual SIM on GSM network

Videocon Vstyle Flip Price in India

There are plenty of low cost mobiles in India and Videocon Vstyle Flip is one more addition to this. The entry level mobile Videocon Vstyle Flip comes at very reasonable price of Rs. 12,00 (approx) for users who wish to buy during the initial period. Videocon Vstyle Flip is latest feature rich phone in the Flip series of the company which are meant for entry level users in India. For entry level smartphone, Videocon Z40 Pro price is good option.

The Videocon Vstyle Flip is powered with multiple features which will meet the basic need of its target users in India. It comes with dual SIM option which can be available on GSM network of services. Videocon Vstyle Flip phone works only on 2G network and hence if you wish to migrate to 3G network, than this phone is not meant for you. Also the dual SIM function works with mini SIM and hence you shall be well aware of this before you go ahead for buying this smartphone. This is also seen in Videocon Z30 price smartphone in India.

Videocon Vstyle Flip is quite suitable for music lovers in India. It has been provided with FM radio which is common to be seen in low cost smartphone. However this phone also comes with song recording option and hence users can simply save the song and listen to that in free time. Also Videocon Vstyle Flip will allow its users to set these songs as ringtone and hence can be good way to personalize it. Its price is much lower than Videocon X30 Pro price at online stores.

Overall Videocon Vstyle Flip price offers good value for money proposition to Indian consumers. In this price range, it can be bought even by entry level users like students in India. The feature phone Videocon Vstyle Flip is quite suitable for users who mainly need calling and messaging features in their phone along with basic entertainment. It is already been listed on the official site of the company and soon can be seen on online stores also. Read more on Videocon price for various other models in India.


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