UbiSlate 10Ci Price in India, Tablet Features Wi-Fi direct, 10.1 inch screen

UbiSlate 10Ci Price in India

The recently launched UbiSlate 10Ci tab has been set at very low price but it comes with its own problems and many users may not be able to notice it. Like its reputation in the past, UbiSlate 10Ci price in India is very low for online buying at Rs. 5999 but with increasing competition, people look for better and better features. UbiSlate 10Ci tablet in India is going to increase competition in the low price segment and will appeal to students in schools and colleges who have limited applications to carry on. For users who need much better features shall try for UbiSlate 3G10 which is available at slightly higher price level.

One of the main disadvantage of UbiSlate 10Ci tablet in lack of 3G network access which will devoid many users from having fast speed data download and other related services. Also though it comes with dual SIM option but it can be availed only on 2G network and GSM services. Hence UbiSlate 10Ci is not suitable for WCDMA network consumers. If you are planning to work on 2G network for long time than only it will make sense for you to buy UbiSlate 10Ci tab in India. However it has other connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPRS to ensure adequate usability.
Other problem associated with UbiSlate 10Ci tab is its memory which is just 4GB. With this level of ROM, users will get less than 2GB space which is not adequate even for users who want to store very few songs or games. UbiSlate 10Ci also comes with Android access due to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS and many users who want to download latest apps have to restrict to very few only. In this way, UbiSlate 10Ci will appeal to users who will store contacts, light images and few songs and that also for a limited period of time only.

However there are certain good aspects also in UbiSlate 10Ci which will appeal to its target users. The tab has 10.1 inch screen which is quite impressive especially considering the fact it is available in price range of less than Rs. 6K which is really amazing. It also has Wi-Fi direct, good processor and RAM to ensure users can keep working smoothly. UbiSlate 10Ci will meet basic need of photography with 2.0MP camera available on the rear end and video chatting with VGA camera at the front end.


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