BlackBerry Playbook price in India becomes more competitive

BlackBerry Playbook price in India has been reduced recently to make it competitive in the Indian market. After discount, now the BlackBerry Playbook price in India is Rs. 32000 and even though this might be a bit too much in pricing you cannot but love this high-end tablet. It offers you all a tablet can give, plus excellent appearance, exquisite performance and efficiency. Keeping all these in mind, the pricing does not seem very expensive after all.

BlackBerry Playbook price in India and features are good value proposition. BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi 32GB is graced with a built-in memory of 32GB and an outstanding HD multi-touch capacitive display. The output of the display is mesmerising, as the images appear floating on your screen and they never looked crispier or clearer.

At this BlackBerry Playbook price in India, this stylish and compact tablet offers you full computing power generated by a dual-core processor of 1GHz. Additionally, it comes integrated with two cameras. The front-facing one is 3 megapixels and the rear-facing one is 5 megapixels but both of them are High-definition cameras.

BlackBerry Playbook Wi-Fi 32GB has enhanced business features to assist you in managing and handling your work. An address book with endless entries, a calendar, a task list are some of the most common applications. But should you choose to plunge into your workload Documents To Go and all major emailing protocols along with full Adobe Flash are at your disposal.

Despite BlackBerry Playbook price in India being low, it has good specifications also. BlackBerry Playbook  Wi-Fi 32GB facilitates all internet applications you are interested in, social media, games, useful applications; Coming to you built-in with HTML 5 browsing the web becomes easier and faster. Moreover, there is no file extension that cannot be opened on this tablet; Be it a text, a document, graphics, music or video, this tablet offers you all the efficiency and reliability a desktop PC can offer you.

All in all, BlackBerry Playbook is a fine and smooth combination of refined appearance, fast processing capability, astonishing business features and plentiful, interesting entertaining features. Given the increasing trend of latest tablets being launched in the market, customers can expect even better pricing in coming days.

For users who prefer to buy products from online shopping portals, BlackBerry Playbook price will be ultimately much better. Even some of the stores offer free gift offers like carry bags which final lowers the cost of the RIM Tablet.


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