BSNL Tablet price in India and features 0.2MP camera, 256 MB RAM

BSNL Tablet Price in India

Targeted to price sensitive consumers, BSNL Tablet price in India has been set at Rs. 3,250 only. BSNL Tablet specifications for media, gaming and social networking are quite interesting and proves the tablet as good value for money. BSNL Tablet has 7" screen with TFT display. BSNL Tablet screen size is much better than other low cost tablets in market.

BSNL Tablet specifications also include rechargeable lithium polymer battery which also has potential to provide back up for long time. BSNL Tablet battery back up time has not been provided by the company but it is expected between 4-5 hrs. Given the need of users to play games and media, having long battery life in BSNL Tablet comes as much needed specification.

BSNL Tablet price in India and specifications will not disappoint you at any level. BSNL Tablet provides smooth media experience with music player and audio players. BSNL Tablet specifications have FM radio with song recording option. Also BSNL Tablet customers can play all kind of media files which will enhance usability of this tablet.

Cost of BSNL Tablet for high end models is significantly higher. The added price of BSNL Tablet models is due to enhanced features which makes this tablet truly premium tablet for any kind of application. BSNL Tablet users can download free Android applications from 1000s of options. This will be quite helpful in customizing BSNL Tablet to suit the varying needs of the customer.

BSNL Tablet price for students and retail customers has been set at same level. Interested customers of BSNL Tablet can book this tablet any time online without any advance payment. We are waiting for the delivery time of BSNL Tablet in Indian market.

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