Josh Fortune HD Price in India, Josh Fortune HD Features high touch screen

Josh Fortune HD Price

Indian mobile company Josh Fortune has launched its latest smartphone Josh Fortune HD in the market at mid level price range. Josh Fortune HD price in India has been set at Rs. 11,990 for buying at online stores. Josh Fortune HD price in India is suitable for entry and mid level users mainly. Josh Fortune HD features and specifications include 5.3 inch screen, 8MP primary camera and FM radio for entertainment.

Josh Fortune HD price in India is well justified mainly for its screen quality which is one of the best in the market. The smartphone comes with 5.3 inch screen with multi touch quality which will provide very wide and proper display of contents like videos, games and movies. Josh Fortune HD in this way will turn out to be highly efficient for enjoying different type of entertainment. Hence this is going to make good appeal to young consumers in Indian market.

Josh Fortune HD features 8MP primary camera which is highly efficient when you need high quality image with good sharpness and clarity. This will enable its users to capture different aspects of life in office as well as home in images as well as videos. Josh Fortune HD in this way will be highly attractive to users who want to enjoy high quality photography and video recording on their smartphone.

Josh Fortune HD price is also seems justified based on its other sources of entertainment available on this smartphone. It has been powered with FM radio along with song recording option. Josh Fortune HD users can not only listen to their favorite songs on FM radio but also can listen to them later on by storing them.

Josh Fortune HD also has embeded games which users can play any time for entertainment. The smartphone besing based on Android platform gives its users access to 1000s of free games which will add to more and more entertainment. Josh Fortune HD price with such high quality features seems quite appealing for its target consumers in India.


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