XOLO A500s IPS Price in India, XOLO A500s IPS Features high quality 4 inch screen

XOLO A500s IPS Price

In the period of feature rich smartphone, XOLO A500s IPS comes as a good package for Indian consumers. XOLO A500s IPS price has been kept at very reasonable level of Rs. 7249. XOLO A500s IPS price will be slightly expensive than its online price in India. XOLO A500s IPS comes with 4 inch screen, 512MB and 1.3GHz dual core processor which makes it highly efficient smartphone also for Indian users (Lava Xolo price in India).

XOLO A500s IPS price can be said to be in the mid range segment as per Indian standard. One more and more shopping portals gets it listed, users can expect its price to fall in the range of Rs. 6-7k also. XOLO A500s IPS at this price range will be attractive to even entry level users in Indian market. Also entry level professionals will find this smartphone quite attractive even now also.

XOLO A500s IPS features can be matched with any other smartphone in Indian market which also proves competitiveness of this smartphone. It has been powered with 4 inch screen which comes with TFT quality/ XOLO A500s IPS screen will not only ensure proper display of content like text, images etc. but also offers proper display for watching games and videos.

XOLO A500s IPS also has been powered with 1.3GHz dual core processor which will play important role in better processing. Users can be sure of good speed even while working on light to medium apps. XOLO A500s IPS also has 512MB RAM which is also quite potent enough to provide steady performance for various applications. In this way, users will find it smooth to operate this smartphone for different applications unless they are very heavy. The company has also launched XOLO Q800 X-Edition price 2014 and also XOLO A500L price 2014 which has much better features than this smartphone.


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