Idea Zeal price in India, Idea Zeal Features 3G for high quality mobile services

Idea Zeal price in India

Latest 3G enabled smartphone, Idea Zeal price in India is RS. 5990 but if you look around you might be lucky enough to find it as cheap as RS. 5390. This is a very efficient little smart phone with a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen, which means up to 260K different colors. The phone shows the  Idea Zeal price in India is very good value for money; with a vast array of features and full HSDPA for super fast data usage. It runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and combined with a 1GHz processor it will handle any task.

Idea Zeal price is affordable and features include a 3MP camera, which doesn’t have auto-focus unfortunately, but it is able to take photos and record videos to a high standard. Idea Zeal doesn’t have a secondary camera so you can’t make video calls; which is a downside to this phone, however, it is only a minor flaw. The 256MB of RAM helps the phone manage apps and menus with great efficiency and feels very smooth, as well as streaming videos from Youtube, or even uploading videos to websites

Idea Zeal specification has a very efficient Lithium-Ion battery allowing the phone to last up to 300 hours on the 2G network, while in standby. However, if it is on 3G the battery standby will decrease significantly to 200 hours, but thanks to the design of Idea Zeal you can easily switch between 2G and 3G. The device also comes with a handy 512MB of base memory plus a 4GB card, and this should last a decent amount of time, but if it doesn’t you can easily expand the memory to a maximum of 32GB.

Idea Zeal price in India is pretty average for this type of phone and people are sure to approve of this device. It allows you to download anything you like from the internet. Idea Zeal will also let you go to the Google Play store; to upgrade and improve your handset, and the HSDPA is almost the fastest connection a mobile can have, so every download will be optimized.


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